Human character is a domain as large and dimensioned as the universe

Each person is dynamic evidence of character diversity, with various expression patterns in emotions, thoughts, and actions

Science has discovered that each individual’s character is plural, and we often exhibit many character traits simultaneously.

Our character can be « mapped out » by a scientific method, which shows that each person is unique.

With the uniqueness and energy of each individual, we contribute to enriching the nuances of the « common picture » of humanity.

Explore the universe of character to better understand your unique life forces, their potential and limits.

From there, you will live your intrinsic nature with more fullness and vitality.

Upcoming Programs

Everyone is born with a great potential to live happily and freely with oneself and with others. This potential is obvious but often invisible, just like the air we breathe or the water in which fish swim.

However, after facing painful experiences, a person may become disconcerted, get trapped in emotional struggles and limiting views, then gradually lose sight of this potential.

Every day is a new chance with new opportunities for healing, discovering our inner univers, and awakening that potential. From then on, happiness and peace manifest abundantly.

In this period, only programs in Vietnamese and in French are proposed.

Vitality and Character Strengths – Workshop

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Mindfulness and Character Strengths  MBSP program

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Healthy communication with your personality –  Workshop

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Coaching – Individual support

When challenges arise, a wise man will learn from them and grow instead of avoiding them or fighting against them.

A discovery session is offered to you

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